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10 March 2015 Smeshariki, PIN Code We started to produce character animations for Smeshariki, PIN Code cartoon series. More... 22 December 2014 Insomnia Project We started to make character animations for Insomnia project. More... 12 September 2014 Lords of Discord We uploaded character animation reels for Lords of Discord game. More... 02 September 2014 More cute character animations... We uploaded some interesting character animations for kids MMORPG. More... 19 August 2014 John Deere Ad Reel We participated in production of an advertising reel for John Deere company. More... 14 March 2014 The Dragon Cave We start to upload character animations for The Dragon Cave. More... 20 May 2013 Roly Poly in Space teaser We uploaded character animation demo reels for Roly Poly In Space. More... 29 April 2013 The Island Gameplay teaser We uploaded Gameplay teaser for The Island. More... 23 November 2012 Order of Magic Character animation for an online MMO role-play game Order of Magic. More... 12 November 2012 Dragons Model creation and character animation for an online flash game dedicated to dragons. More...
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