More cute character animations...
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More cute character animations...


Some interesting character animation for kids MMORPG

We produced Character animation for Roly Poly In Space, Space Adventures of Smeshariki. Smeshariki is a popular children cartoon brand in Russia. Roly Poly In Space is a massively multiplayer online RPG with a downloadable client. Game's goal is to create a safe and transparent world in the Smeshariki Universe, where children can meet their friends and pets to face breathtaking adventures.
The first MMORPG online game for kids on the Russian market. There is no violence - it's a safe and friendly online world for children.


This is a fat awkward general, who keeps eating and giving commands. He is very important (mostly due to his former deeds of valour). But most of the time he is being lazy.

This is a big heavy tank. He's the boss. He's very strong and powerful.

This is an enemy soldier. Quite a funny dude.

This is an NPC mentor. He's a main questgiver for a player. The character is a brave and experienced military engineer. He is wearing a heavy bagpack, containing his engine, that is constantly working with jerks and bursts; that's why he keeps shaking all over. Sometimes mentor chokes with coughing, because he's got bad lungs.
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