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Animation Team The Puppeeteers



  Puppeeteers is a team of talented professional animators. Our field of interest is 3D computer graphics. Our objective is to share our potential with every company who need high-class animation services.
All members of our team have great experience of work in this sphere. Years of practice in 3D computer game industry, animated film-making and advertising business allowed us to obtain and perfect our skills. Some members of our team were employed with "MOCAP" company, that is motion capture pioneer in Russia and one of the leading 3D animation groups. There they learned true live motion, examined every animation curve of each person's limb in the very detail. So now they can create extremely vivid and close to nature keyframe animation. Together with that we constantly analyse development of most world significant cartoon animation schools. We pay attention to tendencies in animated movie-making, to further development of the style, meanwhile trying not to forget its origins, its old school and traditions.


  Working with a team of free-lance workers has its own undoubted indisputable benefits. An employer does not need to think about hiring a full-time worker, paying him monthly salary, whether he is employed with some current project or not. While free-lancer is ready at your service any time when the project is to be done.
"Team vs single worker" is also a profitable formula. This allows us to cope with projects of different scaleand scope. Thus, we can provide a single animator for a set of game animations to do in a week's time or we can summon all the team to fulfil urgent job in a very short term. What is notable - in this case the price for the customer will not rise. On the contrary, we have a system of discounts for constant customers and larger orders. Besides, our team closely cooperates with artists working in adjacent fields (sketchers, texturers, renderers, compositors). We can employ them for larger projects or we can make a complete production team, thus immensly increasing our capabilities.


  Every customer to us is not just a customer, but a separate and interesting case. We try to peep deeper into his history and his project and try to understand what suits them best of all, what kind of result would be desirable.
Every project for us is an outstanding story, for which we would like to build a happy end, thus setting the customer satisfied. We have participated in creation of top projects by leading Russian game-developers: Disciples III (.dat), Cryostasis (Action Forms), Faces Of War (BESTWAY), Codex of War, Majesty 2. The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (INOCO), Swarm (argem Games). We are also proud to mention the following projects among our customers: Order of War (, Bagration (, Rise of Flight - 1917 (neoqb).


  We like our job and we do it quite well.  

Russian contacts:
Skype: puppeeteer2010
English contacts:
ICQ: 292549414